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What should I bring to my first meeting?

You are not required to bring anything but yourself to the initial meeting.  However, there are items that it would be helpful for you to bring.  Our intake questionnaires can be found here, and it will provide us with the … Continue reading

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How much does it cost to meet with the attorney?

Exact costs for a specific case are impossible to predict in advance and depend upon the facts of the case and how cooperative the opposite side is willing to be.  For this reason, we do not charge for the initial … Continue reading

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News Post 1

Here is some news

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Wills – People often believe they only need a Will if they have a lot of property.  The opposite is often true.   If you are married, divorced, have children, own a house, business or investment accounts,  then it is important for you to … Continue reading

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There are many reasons people wish to create premarital agreements.  Oftentimes, couples wish to negotiate agreements about their respective current and future assets, businesses, expenses for children from prior marriages, premarital debts, and settle financial matters in the  event of … Continue reading

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Adoption is the method by which a child or adult can become a legitimate member of another family.  Once the judge signs the order of adoption, the adoptive parents now have the same rights and duties toward the child as … Continue reading

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Many people are understandably quite concerned about their financial resources once divorce occurs.  Many people have misunderstandings about alimony in Texas.  TEXAS DOES HAVE ALIMONY… contrary to what many people believe.  In Texas, Alimony is referred to as spousal support … Continue reading

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Most courts require or highly encourage efforts for out of court settlement before having a final trial.  Out of court settlement procedures can minimize the cost of your legal case and result in less conflict between spouses or parents.  The primary out … Continue reading

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Modifications Below are some frequently asked questions relating to Modifications. What is a modification? A modification is a change to a previous court order regarding custody or child support issues.  Modification Orders can be done by agreement of the parties, but must … Continue reading

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Child custody and support arrangements are needed when Parents are divorcing; Parents are separated but not divorcing; Parents were never married or paternity needs to be established; Grandparents or other relative/person has custody of a child.  In Texas, “custody” is … Continue reading

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