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Domestic Violence / Protective Orders in Texas Sadly, some couples have  a history of inflicting physical or emotional harm upon the other party or other members of the household. The courts will not tolerate any family violence. Upon proper application, the courts can enter … Continue reading

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Child Support in Texas The obligation to provide child support applies equally to men and women.  The courts may order support payments from either parent or both parents, until the child reaches 18 years old and graduates from high school.  … Continue reading

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Texas is a community property state.  Under Texas law, the courts view your property like that of a business partnership. Both you and your spouse are presumed co-owners of real estate, money and personal property acquired during your marriage, regardless of … Continue reading

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Temporary Orders After filing the initial court petition in a divorce, custody or other family law case, temporary court orders are often needed to provide “rules to live by” until the case is resolved.  Temporary orders can be reached by … Continue reading

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Mediation: In Texas, most courts will not set a divorce or other contested family law matter for trial until the parties have had an opportunity to try and settle their differences in  mediation or dispute resolution conference.  Mediation is a … Continue reading

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Divorce is one of the most significant events in a person’s life, like an out of control emotional roller coaster causing grief, confusion, anger, depression, relief, guilt, among many other feelings.  Struggles over what is best for the children, and … Continue reading

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