Child custody and support arrangements are needed when

  1. Parents are divorcing;
  2. Parents are separated but not divorcing;
  3. Parents were never married or paternity needs to be established;
  4. Grandparents or other relative/person has custody of a child.

 In Texas, “custody” is referred to as “conservatorship” and presumes that biological parents should be appointed joint conservators of their children, absent significant reasons why a parent should not be a conservator of their child.  Grandparents, relatives, and other persons can be appointed conservators in limited situations.

 Conservatorship (custody) and child support orders, whether reached by agreement or issued by a judge after trial, provide the terms for parental decision making, visitation arrangements between the children and each conservator, and child support for the children.

 The effects of divorce and separation on children are significant.  Having access to competent information regarding your rights to your children and how you can minimize the emotional and financial effects on them is crucial at such difficult times.

 Let me help!  With my personal and professional experiences as a parent, step parent, volunteer with families that have experienced abuse, as a trained mediator and collaborative law professional, I can help focus on you and your children’s needs and best interests.

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