Most courts require or highly encourage efforts for out of court settlement before having a final trial.  Out of court settlement procedures can minimize the cost of your legal case and result in less conflict between spouses or parents.  The primary out of court settlement procedures are mediation and collaborative law. 

Mediation is a forum where each participant can informally state their grievances, differences, opinions, and desires in front of an impartial person, the mediator. The mediator cannot provide either participant with legal advice and is committed to facilitating cooperative communication and settlement opportunities.  The mediation is often held in a comfortable setting, such as an office or conference room and is private, meaning the informaiton exchanged or learned in mediation cannot be used against a party in trial.  For these reasons, mediation can often be a successful tool in promoting out of court settlement.

Collaborative Law – uses problem solving negotiation sessions that avoid adversarial tactics.  Family law disputes are resolved with a series of short cooperative meetings attended by both participants and their attorneys, working to achieve each client’s best possible outcome given the circumstances in dispute.  Collaborative law works for people committed to out of court settlement and a mutual desire to avoid litigation.

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