There are many reasons people wish to create premarital agreements.  Oftentimes, couples wish to negotiate agreements about their respective current and future assets, businesses, expenses for children from prior marriages, premarital debts, and settle financial matters in the  event of death or divorce.   If either has children from a previous relationship, they may wish to take steps to ensure the children’s security or how child support obligations will be paid.  Some couples simply appreciate the chance to have open discussions about their financial expectations and to create and share a profile of their current assets and obligations.  Such agreements may preempt applicable Texas family and probate laws so negotiating  fair and reasonable terms and properly signing the agreement before marriage is crucial. 

If you have concerns that you feel should be addressed before your marriage, please do not wait until the last minute, contact Dianne Zomper, Board Certified specialist,  for a free consultation at 713-960-9696.  

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