Wills – People often believe they only need a Will if they have a lot of property.  The opposite is often true.   If you are married, divorced, have children, own a house, business or investment accounts,  then it is important for you to have a Last Will and Testament.  A Will determines and insures the use and distribution of your assets upon your death. Clients with concerns for the distibution of their assets often also need Medical Power of Attoney, Directives to Physician, and Declaration of Guardianship to complete their estate planning.

Probate – If a member of your family has passed away, their estate (all the property they own and debts they have as of the time of their death) may need to be probated so that the property can be distributed.  The probate process involves gathering, accounting, and distributing the deceased person’s estate either according to their Last Will or according to the laws of Texas.

Whether you need a Will for yourself or a family member or you are involved in the probate of a friend or family member’s estate, having the proper legal advice and guidance at the outset is very important.  Contact our office at 713-960-9696 for a free consultation for your specific legal needs.

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